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Ashoka Polymers

Safe and superior

Ashoka Polymers, established in 1972 Sh. Ram Niwas Bansal started the business with firm name Ashoka plastics in the year 1972. Our almost 45 years experience enable us to fulfill the needs of footwear markets of Bharat. ASHOKA, established in the year 1972, is known as one of the most trusted plastic raw material supplier in North Bharat.

We provide Quality goods for footwear industries.
"Manufacturing and trading of All qualities-Fresh, Semi, Reprcess, coloured Compound & raw materials, chemicals etc. Everything they promised Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!"

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Our Professional Team is a knowledge based group which endeavors to provide best and wide spectrum of services at one stop.


We approach our commitments with ownership, clarity and responsibility. We believe in open communication, and live up to our words, actions and results.


We promise that our product, delivery and services will always be of the highest standards.

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